Baby Girls Boys Winter Boots


16 (Insole 12.0 cm)17 (Insole 12.5 cm)18 (Insole 13.0 cm)19 (Insole 13.5 cm)22 (Insole 14.0 cm)23 (Insole 14.5 cm)24 (Insole 15.0 cm)25 (Insole 15.5 cm)26 (Insole 16.0 cm)27 (Insole 16.5 cm)28 (Insole 17.0 cm)29 (Insole 17.5 cm)30 (Insole 18.0 cm)


Looking for a pair of winter boots that are both functional and stylish? Look no further than our Baby Girls Boys Winter Boots! These boots are made with a durable and water-resistant material, so your little one’s feet will stay dry and warm all day long. Plus, the plush cotton lining is super soft and comfortable, making them perfect for everyday wear. The nonslip bottom will keep your child safe on slippery surfaces, and the cute design is sure to please both boys and girls. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a baby shower or just want to keep your own little one stylish and comfortable, our Baby Girls Boys Winter Boots are a great choice.



Baby Girls Boys Boots
1 Package:1 Pair

Size Information:
Foot Length 11.0 cm, Recommend Insole Length 12.0 cm.
Size 16 Insole length 12.0 cm
Size 17 Insole length 12.5 cm
Size 18 Insole length 13.0 cm
Size 19 Insole length 13.5 cm
Size 22 Insole length 14.0 cm
Size 23 Insole length 14.5 cm
Size 24 Insole length 15.0 cm
Size 25 Insole length 15.5 cm
Size 26 Insole length 16.0 cm
Size 27 Insole length 16.5 cm
Size 28 Insole length 17.0 cm
Size 29 Insole length 17.5 cm
Size 30 Insole length 18.0 cm


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