Thigh High Stretch Knit Boots


US 10/10.5US 11/11.5US 12/12.5US 5/5.5US 6/6.5US 7/7.5US 8/8.5US 9/9.5


Our Thigh High Stretch Knit Boots are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a comfortable, stylish boot that is suitable for all thigh and calf sizes. Our ultra stretch material will expand to fit you perfectly while still staying securely on your legs; no more slipping and sliding around! You’ll be able to join the trend of high thigh boots with ease, and match it with any outfit. Slip them on, zip them up, and you’re ready to go! To complete the look, can roll down the material for a below-the-knee fit. These boots combine universal sizing with comfort and coziness for a style that you can wear whether it’s for special occasions or just a casual night out.


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